Vera Schepers is a visual artist who tries to grasp natural phenomena from the world around us through her (artistic) experiments. She focuses on the immateriality and poetry of these phenomena, rather than trying to explain it with a scientific approach. Vera is especially interested in the phenomena of light. Her work is often composed of moving art installations that she uses to make the world around us visible or tangible. With this she hopes to retrieve the childlike enchantment and appreciation for these natural phenomena which are the key for all forms of life on our planet. She often works strictly analogously: she works with the action-reaction effect, without the interference of digital screens. This allows the transformations in the artwork, created by the action-reaction effect, to be laid bare to the eye of the spectator.

Vera graduated from ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten in 2017 and afterwards started her own art practice.



  • Kerkje van Hensbroek, group exhibition, Hensbroek
  • Popop, solo exhibition, Nijmegen


  • Atelier Anders, solo exhibition, Schaijk


  • Stellicher advocaten, Arnhem
  • The Big Draw, Nijmegen
  • De Kaaij, Nijmegen
  • Graduation Exhibition, ArtEZ Finals, Arnhem


  • Friction Light: publicated in “De vijf pijlers van design, 2018 Hans Ansems & Jeroen van den Eijnde”
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